Optimize your mindset, metabolism, and mind-body connection.

Create more confidence, impact, and abundance in your health and personal freedom.

With principals of Functional Medicine, Mind Body Medicine, and High Performance Coaching.

"I learned a lot of simple tools to use in my everyday life. My problem was I was exhausted and stressed. Her methods of simple ways to help destress helped me rethink how I want to organize my life. Sign up for her course because the results are amazing."

Jennifer D

Hi, I’m Dr. Onna Lo.

I’m an Integrative Medicine doctor and a High Performance Coach that coaches women leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs globally.

I help them reclaim joy, vitality and confidence by rebooting their metabolism and mindset so they can create more impact and freedom.

On my quest to reverse and prevent burn out emotionally and physically for myself and my patient now for more than 15 years, I’ve gathered all the crucial pieces of the puzzle for helping women build sustainable health and lifestyle.

When you combine the root cause thinking of Functional Medicine, with science backed mind body skills along with clarity seeking, purpose driven, and relationship nurturing tools from High Performance Coaching, it is an effective program for reversing and preventing burnout. 

I apply these principals in my own life as a doctor, entrepreneur, mom, and teacher. Now I am a more engaging clinician, a braver leader, and more confident parent. Most importantly, I've seen the same amazing results when I share these principals with women like yourself.